Issue with “Remove Reminder” Message

As I’ve been controlling more and more recently, I’ve noticed an issue with the reminder feature in IF’s ATC options. The issue is that the “Remove Reminder” message is still present even though the reminder has been executed (the controller was notified), and when pressing “Remove Reminder”, it doesn’t disappear and it looks like you’ve got a reminder on an aircraft when you actually do not.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Click on an aircraft that is tuned to your frequency.
  2. Click “Set Reminder”.
  3. Select any of the options e.g. 1 minute.
  4. Wait for the aircraft’s strip (in your list of aircraft tuned to your frequency) flash green (this green flashing is reminding you about the aircraft).
  5. Click on the aicraft you set the reminder for - you’ll notice that there is still the “Remove Reminder” option, even though the reminder was already executed.
  6. When trying to click “Remove Reminder”, the option doesn’t disappear.

Obviously, this issue is quite minor, but it’s still a bug that can be squashed.

My equipment, followed by the operating system:

  • iPad Pro 12,9” (2017), running iOS 11.4
  • iPhone X, running iOS 11.0

If I haven’t been clear enough, feel free to reply down in the comments and I’ll try to explain parts of the issue further.

I had the same issue recently. When I want to delete the reminder I just press it a few times or I just swipe up the aircraft from the proggress strip and when I want to communicate with the aircraft again, it works fine(meaning that the reminder goes off).

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Thank you for contacting support. We appreciate the fact that you have all the required information, but a screenshot would be much appreciated. The support team will get back to you shortly.

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This is a known issue I’ll bring it back up in beta, and see if we can’t get it addressed in the next update. Since it’s a minor issue there is not guarantee however.


I completely forgot about reminders. I think this bug is the reason I stopped using them forever ago, though, if I remember correctly.

Thanks Brandon and Tim. Brandon, we’ll look for your update on this in beta ;)

Thanks pal ❤️