Issue with Lower Power Mode

Hello everyone,

been having this recurring issue on and off regarding the game not entering the automatic low power mode, even for tens of minutes meaning that it quite limits a lot of the flights that I can do since I don’t want my device working at 100% full time when IF could reduce it significantly.

Have done all the normal things, un-installed, installed, restart device, restart IF, etc. and it just seems that IF is unable to enter into the low power mode bar 1/2 times and even then its questionable and spotty.

Running an iPad 6th Gen 128GB on 13.3 with latest iOS version.

Would much appreciate any help/suggestions with this.

Hello! In addition to NAV, you will need to have ALT, SPD, and HDG enabled in the AP menu in order for you to enter Low Power mode. Let me know if these are already all enabled and it’s still not entering the mode.

Ok I will try that now then. so its technically impossible to enter the Low Power mode on anything but NAV + ALT, SPD and HDG?

Correct… You wouldn’t want to fly manually when you’re getting those low frame rates.

Gotcha. Because previously it would automatically enter the low power mode even when just sitting at gate or waiting in line for departure?

Has this been changed in recent modes?

I believe it was introduced in 19.3 if I remember correctly. So it’s been around for awhile now.

Ok Brandon. well thanks for your help and I’ll let you know how I get on with it. Would the low power mode work with no nav with but Autopilot with SPD, HDG and ALT but without NAV?

Yes, it will work without enabling NAV. Just make sure those other settings are on.