Issue with LiveFlight Connect

Hey there, I couldn’t find another topic like this because my god there are so many LiveFlight topics, so let me know if this is a dupe. I recently had an Issue with LiveFlight connect that has greatly impacted my experience in IF. Whenever I try to boot it up, it either freezes or shows that I have an elevation, heading etc. of 0 when that isn’t true. It’s not an issue with my computer because I’m connecting to the internet just fine, and I’ve tried completely reinstalling it but the issue still persists. Along with this, my stick isn’t working. Does anyone know how to fix this? and yes, I turned on the thing in settings that I forget the name of, the issue started in the middle of a flight of mine.


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I reccomend a look at their help link inside the LiveFlight Connect Website. If nothing in their is helping you then an email to their help email would be best.

This includes an area where it says Joystick not Working and etc.

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Thanks, I’ll look into it.

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There may be two many devices on your WiFI network for them to pair correctly. This happened to me as well. What I did was use my 5G network, but if you don’t have one I would recommend using a mobile hotspot. Hopefully this helps.

Awesome, I have a guest network so I’ll try that out. Thanks for the help :)


No problem, let me know if it works.

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Try disconnecting your WiFi and reconnecting it. Sometimes my WiFi shows it’s up and running when it’s really not. A simple pull of the plug and reconnecting it may work.

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