Issue with live flight

Hello all yesterday live flight works just fine but today im not able to access the website as it show an error upon loading

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?


Yes same happens to me I was just about to report when you reported.

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It’s happening since 10 hours.

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services probably in maintenance

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Idk but it should not be for such a long time

i kinda doubt it tho

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Its a hosting issue, Probably will be fixed soon but I wouldn’t be surprised by this happening on LifeFlight as its outdated and not updated anymore. I recommend you use Infinite X and add it to your homescreen.


ight thanks a lot!

That’s a wonderful app, tysm.

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I can also reproduce this issue.

Your welcome! Mostly thanks to @A-FitzGerald for developing this! Such a great app!


Sorry folks, it’s back now, automatic update went wrong :)


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