Issue with landing

Nope I’m not… you’ve never seen it happen?

Hmmm I wasn’t sure but if you think it could make a difference, I’ll give it a go so thankyou!

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If you do not know how to trim, there is a tutorial by one of the dev.
I will add it below.


I have used it before but not very confident using it so that would be very much appreciated!

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When i wasn’t “confident” in using it, i would set it at 10% (which i still use). it makes it very navigable when on approach and not having to work on worrying about pulling up as much.

Also, i really suggest taking the AP off about 10 miles out, even if you disengage speed and altitude. It gives you time to adjust to anything wrong before being too low. I will keep heading on for a bit longer as it has less of an effect if being stuck in terms of being able to adjust quickly or just going around if i had to.

Again, this must be escalated and fast-tracked


Ah ok, well every suggestion helps so thankyou for the advice!

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Can we make an “Infinite-Flight-Community” based NTSB or AIR CRASH Investigation branch?" 😂


Like the idea! Could be useful actually 😂

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Isn’t this a #support question?

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No no no 🤣, take a peak at the Infinite Records topic. That crash investigation team would never get a break from all of the silliness.

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Not too sure if this has been answered so just putting in my 2c;

Maybe try setting the A/P just to maintain speed the whole way down? If you’re stalling at 160 KIAS then maybe set it to 170 or so and fly from there. This is good to ensure that your speed remains close to Vapp and nowhere near Vs0.

As said earlier, it could be that you’re flying very heavy, causing the plane to stall at lower speeds. The warning may not have gone off but what you described was definitely a stall. It’s also good to have a rough estimation of your speeds so that you don’t only react when the stall horn goes off as that would probably be too late.

Do you also know the winds then? Maybe a strong gust could have caused the wing drop, although a normal stall is most likely.

  1. I think this should be in the #support category.
  2. 160 knots is a little too fast for a 777. I use 160 knots on landing on the A380. I usually use 130 knots on the 777 for landing and for me, it’s a perfect speed. Shouldn’t stall. If you do, there is StateFarm.
  3. I bet your device memory is running low. This tends to happen on older devices like mine.
  4. If I am on any future flights with you, especially in the 777, don’t spill my Coke I need my caffeine.
  5. Good luck and feel free to ask any more questions!

Happy Landings,


I had my speed set on the autopilot at the time, and I’ve usually got the weight at around 200,000 kg fuel I think… that’s a very rough estimate. It didn’t seem like a stall but I’m really not sure so you could be right. However I’ve had the same settings for all landings since and they’ve worked perfectly.

Hi Ryan!
I usually find 160kts to be perfect for the 777 but then maybe I’ve got the weight set a fair bit higher than you. I’ve used speed as little as 130kts only on the A330 out of the wide body aircraft.
Do you have any weight recommendations for landing the 777?
Thanks :)


Be sure to adjust your slider(s) to bring your aircraft under the MLW (Maximum Landing Weight) yield and once you do so the screen will annunciate that this yield has been met with a (green cue). Some of us adjust this during our flights on several occasions notably Pre-Taxi, after the initial Climb Out, Cruise, and then Approach.

Note the orange cue below signifying that the weight exceeds the MLW:

Cheers ;)

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Thanks a lot Chris, this was very useful and hopefully it prevents the issue happening again!

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130 knots at what weight? I have stalled out at 140 knots when my 777 was just under MLW. I suggest you to try heavier weight to stimulate passenger/cargo/fuel load, flying at light weight all time isn’t realistic in my opinion.

Weight should be normal or low @Flynnpothecary

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