Issue with landing

Hi there,

I’ve experienced an issue a couple of times during landing, most recently with the Boeing 777-300ER. I was on final approach at KSAN with flaps 30 and speed at about 160kts and all of a sudden the plane dove down to the left and I lost control completely, crashing about 2 nautical miles from the runway. Is this a problem for anyone else and is there any known way to fix the problem?
It’s not happened since however this isn’t the first time.




Did you callibrate your device prior to disengaging Autopilot?


yes I always have done before disengaging the autopilot


Have you checked the weight of your aircraft? It is possible that you might be stalling out because your plane is too heavy.


The heading autopilot might have been engaged but it actually doesn’t show. That happens when you replayed the scene.

Stalling can’t have been the issue otherwise it would’ve said it at the top of my screen surely?


Surely if the heading is engaged then the plane would change direction though?

Well, if your focusing on your landing, you may not notice the stall warning until it’s too late.

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Yeah I know it’s weird but it happened to me several times. All you have to do is engage heading A/P and disengage it right after

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You could be right but the stall usually makes a noise and my sound is always on to listen to ATC anyway


Ah ok. When it happened though, I remember disengaging all of the auto pilot systems and pulling back on the yoke as far as I could and it didn’t do anything

Did you have APPR enabled?

Nope I always fly a manual approach

Was the autopilot engaged when it turned left? Seems like what I had few months ago.

Yes it was and then I disengaged everything and pulled back on the yoke and still nothing happened. It just continued in a dive

Yeah I had the same issue but it was just once… Did you try reinstalling?

When you’re in a dive, don’t pull back on the yoke. It’ll never do anything, just make it worse. Instead, push it so you can hopefully gain enough speed before you hit the ground.


Oh ok, well yeah this is only the second or third time it’s happened but really annoying when you’re just about to land after an hour or so long flight and you don’t get to land

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So your saying push it and then pull back?

If you’re in a dive and trying to recover, then yes, push then pull once you have a suitable speed.