Issue with KSEA 16R ILS

I just flew into Seattle in the A220, flying the ILS approach for runway 16R. I have attached two photos below of what happened. The localizer appeared to be off at a heading less than 150 degrees. I double checked I had the correct ILS tuned, I had NAV1 set on my nav, APPR mode was on, all of that. The plane was following a heading but it was not the one posted by the faulty ILS. However, the plane followed the glide slope perfectly. I cleared my scenery cache after the flight and tried again and found the same issue.

I couldn’t find another topic about this but please let me know if this has been addressed before.

3rd Generation iPad Pro (11-inch) iOS 14.8.1

I could reproduce this in Solo Mode aswell. (As i though maybe its the wind in his flight i started in solo Mode and there i change wind to 0)

Device: OnePlus 8T
IF version: 21.8

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Same issue for me at EVRA earlier today.

Device: Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra
Android Version: 11
IF Version: 21.8 (1879)

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I had the same issue at EVRA yesterday, but it’s already getting investigated


Thanks, I’ll have this closed now

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No problem! Hopefully this gets fixed soon!

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