Issue with KJFK Approach (I31R)

I recently conducted a flight with an American Airlines 777-300ER from Miami to New York (JFK) and I was preparing to land on Runway 31R using the I31R approach, which is the ILS approach for the runway. I was beginning the turn on the waypoint “CATOD” but before I reached it, my autopilot, which had the approach points and altitude correctly inputted, began turning me early and attempted to do a 360 which is not what should’ve happened as I properly had the approach in my flight plan. So to stop it, I had to disengage the autopilot and manually to correct this but had to go around due to the glideslope being out of reach as I was going to use APPR for the final approach, and it almost made me lost total control of the aircraft which absolutely would’ve sucked if I crashed as a result, so yeah. You’ll see on the first picture with the green path that I did a 360 because of this issue.

I believe there is an issue with this particular approach and how it was programmed to vector aircraft who use it, so I would appreciate it if this could be addressed, unless I did something wrong which I don’t think is the case considering I’ve been flying for many years with the simulator and I have not experienced this issue with other airports, just KJFK, but please, enlighten me if I’m missing something.

(There might be identical issues with other types of approaches that other people might’ve brought up, not sure, but this is the problem I saw with the I31R approach)

Thanks for the assistance!

I’m attaching my flight plan and the waypoint in question where this incorrect turn happened. Waypoint is “CATOD” if you look closely.

Apple iPhone 13:
iOS 17.2.1:




some questions before I try:
The image doesn’t show your complete flight plan, doesn’t it? There is just the approach. Which arrival did you use, or which where the last waypoints before you turned into approach.

What was you load, and which speed where you flying?


For reference:
KJFK documents
CAMRN arrival

Didn’t use an arrival, just an approach. Speed was 240 knots and 21,700 as a load.

There’s the issue - you’re flying 240kts turning onto the final approach fix when you should be between 170-190kts especially that close to the approach cone. Not an issue with the approach procedure - you were too fast and overshot the turn.


Oh ok thanks

I’ve been trying to reproduce what you’re describing and haven’t been able to.

Other than being way fast when turning to final at CATOD, everything just seem to work fine.

Maybe share the replay so we can have a look?

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