Issue with Jetbridge (EGLL Gate 327)

Device: IPhone SE2020
Operating system:iOS 15.4.1

The Jet bride at Gate 327 is going through the Buildings London Heathrow

Given we have over 200+ airports in the app, this will take a while to figure out what airport this is at…

EDIT: ah, now you add it.


It’s EGLL London Heathrow

Will have someone take a look at it. Thanks.

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Pretty sure thats supposed to be like that. The jetbridge irl is super short and ends in the building at that was the best solution

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After speaking with some of the editors, they’re informing me that its suppose to be like that. Right now we don’t have a model that supports gates that use just the canopy and a small little platform.

Many airports around the world use similar gates like this for boarding. As airport editing develops even further, perhaps this style of jetbridge/boarding platform will make its way into the sim.

Thanks for bringing this up Ethan.


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