Issue with IF operations

I have had an issue with IF operations where I start a flight, everything is going fine, I land and later turn off the seat belt and no smoking signs but IF operations does not send a notification that the flight is complete. If I leave the flight nothing happens. If I leave IF and go on IF Operations it says I am in cruise. IF operations rarely works and if it does half the time it has no information about my final approach.

(this is not a 1 time thing. I have had issues with IF operations the last like 5 times using it

I wasn’t sure if this should go in the #thirdparty category :/

This should actually be in #support. In what update did IF Operations stop working?

No #thirdparty is fine - #support is for issues with IF itself.

@LHardy64 it sounds like IF Operations is potentially disconnecting and then not reconnecting - most likely due to a connection issue.

What is your internet like?

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Have you gotten any calls during your flight? Usually, that almost always cancels my IF-O and IF-A :(

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If you get a call or FT during the flight it will disconnect. So after the call just click back on IFO then go back to IF and it should reconnect. You can check by going back to IFO and seeing if the altitude readings match.

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I’ve tried that and it won’t work unfortunately, just resets everything,

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Don’t close the app just switch back to it.

Did you get any calls, play and music from the same device, use Siri, or really anything that using your phone mic is required?

No it doesn’t work trust me. The Alta match but if you were to change the alt. It wouldn’t be the same anymorez IFO would keep it the same

It worked for a bit with the most recent one but this issue is pretty recent

My internet is typically very good and stable

sometimes but because of the new IOS it just says silenced call

I do get notifications from people joining groups facetimes (I have the setting for calls and face times where when someone calls me its the smaller thing not the one that covers the entire screen) so when someone does ring me I am quickly back into the app

Alright I will try that next time

I get random spam calls, it doesn’t pop up on screen, its just a notification that says silenced call

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Also thanks guys for trying to help me out :)

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