Issue with heading

Hey i noticed while landing the arc gave me instruction to tirn to a heading and i was on nav…i guess soon after i confirmed the plane started turning to the heading automatically…is it always like that ir is it a glitch ?

You might not have turned at the angle that the ATC instructed you to do. You might’ve had a waypoint on your FPL and coincidentally, turned as you send your reply.

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No…i was on final…it turned randomly by itself

Then it must be a glitch of sorts. Can we get @Schyllberg on the case?

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Sure…this should get fixed soon

Let’s also keep in mind there was likely a crosswind of sorts, so if he had NAV on, it was trying to counteract the turning… by turning. I’ve only ever made one landing with NAV still on (by accident) and it went crazy after touchdown.

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This runway was green and nearby dew were orange…nav was on…before i was gonna turn off the plane turned

That’s also a possibility…

Being that it is green doesn’t mean there still wasnt wind that wasnt perfectly angled at you. Green only means that the winds are favorable for that runway.

If there was a deviation of 10 to 30 degrees, it would still show green, and still have control issues.

I’d suggest turning NAV off prior to landing as its not suggested to still have on. Also, your final waypoint that you may have had while landing couldve been at the runway, and then at the airport locator which would also make you turn that direction.

Final result, turn off NAV when you are landing as its not supposed to be on.

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Ohhhh…it was my nav 🤦‍♂️

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Maybe u accidentally hit APPR instead of Nav

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