Issue with graphics

Today I closed my app after the expert server crashed, them reopened it & everything was very fuzzy and hard to read words on the side of aircraft that were fine before. I run infinite flight with all graphics at the highest possible. My device is a Samsung tab A6, Android version 6.0.1. Here is a screenshot from before & after.


Have you tried restarting the app (again) but also your device, and deleting and reinstalling the app? ;)

I dont see any difference.


I didn’t choose the best livery to show I’ll show you another one.

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It is very fuzzy and before it was easier to red aeroflot on the picture

Ah I see. As if anti aliasing is off for the whole app?

Yes but I have it on

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It looked way better before

I can’t read anything in the 787 cockpit without zooming in really close. all settings are on high

No @Kevin It’s fuzzy. You don’t see a difference because your on your iPhone, which usually doesn’t have as good as screen as us Android users


Probably why, I’m using my mac tho, seems weird.

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try checking the render quality

It’s on high, everything is maxed out.

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