Issue with graphics on landings

Each time I fly to an airport other than the one I take off from as I come too land I see nothing just a blurred area.
I can see other planes on the ground just no runway or airport?

A screenshot of your issue will help us more. Thanks!

Ok I’ll get one shortly

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I have just been back on landed at Luton problem seems to have been resolved now I will try longer haul and see if I still have an issue.
Thanks for reply

Ok let us know. We need more details on the issue. Is the runway blurry or are you referring to the area outside of the airport. Also keep in mind that if you land at an airport without the higher resolution imagery that will change how it looks as well.

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dont weary your fine, everyone has this problem (some people)

There was no runways just other uses on the ground i could see their planes perfect just nothing else. And when i was coming into land at 1000ft the bottom of my screen was going black causing me to crash. Heres a picture i took on my phone. Sorry of its not the best. One is of black screen other is of my view of airport at 5000ft where you can usually see airport/runway clear. I have flew local uk since and its been ok but not done another long haul yet.CC19080B-6BD7-406F-A2CD-4E9B83E24056AFAFEBC1-CE0A-4009-83BC-F38FF47E1D22

Your Vertical Speed is -30983? Not sure what is going on here. Are you beginning to fall through the map? I don’t see a runway there.

If you are seeing black spots and areas now would be a good time to delete the app and reinstall.


LOL did you look at the height of the airport? That could be part of the reason why you crashed at like 3k feet off the ground

What airport are you approaching here?
Do you have this problem with all airports?

Seeing this picture I realize I’ve had a similar issue trying to land at a small airport, somewhere in Argentina. It appeared to me the issue was with the airport in my case…

Could you take a screenshot instead?
It appears that you’re on a iPad. To take a screenshot, click the power and home button at the same time. The screen should flash and there should be a camera click sound.

This happened to me as well this morning while flying PHNL-YMML. I still landed safely though, amen to APPR.
(iPhone 6S, iOS 10.3.2 if anyone’s interested.)


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This is a known issue and many times a delete of the app and reinstall clears this up as there might have been a corrupt terrain file. Please follow the recommendation and if you are still having an issue open a support request with details and supportive video evidence of the issue so that we keep this thread tidy. Kind Regards, Chris


I believe it was related to the internet I was using (school wifi, ick), as I landed my flight then reloaded it using cellular data and all was good.

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Oh okay, glad to see it sorted out and thanks for the report. Cheers, Chris

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Yes thats what keeps happening when i come in to land. I will re install now and see if that hells. Thanks

It was on every airport apart from the one i was departing from. I have re installed now and issue seems to have cleared up.

I have just deleted/reinstalled IF without considering the loss of my logbook. Is there any possibility of retrieving this somewhat valuable information? I managed to find a post or 2 declaring the logbook is in fact lost when the app is deleted/restored, but the info/solution was from a locked post in ‘16.

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