Issue with FPL to IF

I have this issue with FPL to IF which is pretty simple. A few minutes ago I was planning my Ethiopian Airlines flight from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to Dire Dawa, Ethiopia. As I was planning my flight in FPL to IF I stumbled on ayquite odd issue with the engine. From Addis Ababa my SID was the MIWA2A SID. After that, for some reason my STAR at Dire Dawa was not a STAR it was actually a SID. The so called “STAR” was MAGON1. What should I do? How will the developers of FPL to IF improve this situation?

Thank you.

Not sure if this could help, but i’ve had something like this happen to me, and i just delete the last like 5-10 waypoints at my destination, and put the star and approach in, with the procedures tab when you click on an airport.


FPL to IF can’t do anything about the situation, as all the flight information is provided by simbrief and the only thing FPLtoIF does is simply translate it into a format that IF could understand. If you encounter a situation like this, just delete the wrong procedure and add the correct one

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