Issue with flptoif

I believe there’s an issue with the website.

The -200 LR in game can only carry 147,576 KG of fuel… and i tried again by putting Auto in the system and it gave me this

Again more fuel then my plane can carry…

Did you do this through SimBrief?

Yes i did, i’ve used it plenty of times and never have been given a block fuel amount that exceeded he aircrafts limits…

The 777 just needs a rework to carry the realistic amount of fuel, simple as that :)


The reason is because the SimBrief default aircraft profiles don’t match the ones on Infinite Flight.

What I have done is on my SimBrief account I have made custom airframes based on the figures in Infinite Flight (max fuel, max ZFW, etc…)


Yes that as well but all the aircraft profiles for every aircraft are in some way or form slightly different from the default SimBrief ones.


Ohh okay thank you for the answers😉👍 never thought of the fact they need a rework or to change make custom airframes👍👍