Issue With Displayed Stats On IFC Account

Hello Infinite Flight Support Team, I hope this message finds you well.

Before I delve into my query, I would like to mention that I am unsure if this is the appropriate category, as my issue doesn’t significantly impact my gaming experience. Nonetheless, a few days after creating my new app account, I observed that my IFC (Infinite Flight Community) account continues to display my old statistics in the profile.

As many of us are aware, these statistics can be showcased by adding a link to the bio. I have attempted to update this information by deleting and re-entering the link, but unfortunately, without success.

I appreciate your assistance in resolving this matter.

Best regards,


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![My Stats]( )

Hello, if this is what you’re referring to, copy this link and paste it on your bio and replace USERNAME with yours.

Apologies. Just seen you’ve tried the link. Have you tried logging out and back in? And sometimes it takes a minute for Discourse to update.


Oh no, I’ve tried the link in the past and I created this new app account a while back so those “few minutes” have passed.

Alright, couple of other questions. Maybe dumb but is your profile linked to your IFC and is “show your username in flight” ticked?

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For both of them my response will be: yes.

Here is a link which contains my current, that might help to prove the point, it’s an IFC issue I guess.

How do you not have violations impressive


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