"Issue" With Connection

Hello. Ive been having this issue where it says that the connection to lie server is offline. The little green checkmark on the top right corner of my screen turns red and when I check it, it says the global server is down but I could still see the other aircrafts around me? I don’t know why this is happening and I now for a fact it isnt my wifi because it works perfectly fine


The Global Server is what’s managing scenery. Such as the satellite imagery.
If you tap the red checkmark next to where it says “Global Server”, you should find a description to the issue. Have you tried that?

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Well, I have this issue occasionally and everytime I click on the red icon it says something like “No information displayed” or something similar, I have never had a description of what was the issue

Edit: it actually says “No additional Information”

yeah exactly

yeah it stopped doing that but thank you!

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