Issue with Camera app and Infinite Flight

Device: iPhone 14 Pro Max
Operating system: iOS 16.1.2

This happened several times to me, sometimes when I need to take a photo outside of Infinite flight while doing a flight, I leave the Infinite Flight app and go to the Camera app. But after I am finished using it, the Infinite Flight app resets and loses all my flight progress. This does not happen with other basic apps like Safari, .etc. Im wondering why it happens, and hopefully be able to fix it.


The Infinite Flight app is not designed to run in the background, therefore the reason for the app closing if you leave the app for a prolonged period of time.

The app closing whilst running in the background is not a bug or issue with the app, this is how the app is designed to run.

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Good to know, thanks for responding

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No worries! Glad I could provide some clarity and assist you.

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