Issue with C172

Hey guys, I’ve just noticed a little issue with the C172.

Describing it is hard so I’ve attached a couple of screenshots to show you what the issue is.

As you can see in this first image there appears to be a metal rod of sorts sticking through elevator on the right side of the aircraft. Pulling back on the yoke makes the rod disappear inside the elevator, but pushing forwards exaggerates the issue.

This second image shows a similar issue that occurs when the flaps are put out, this occurs on both sides of the aircraft.


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Hmmm, interesting. Let me spawn in with a C172 and see if I see this too.

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Yeah I’m currently in the c172 now and seems to be something with the modelling

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IMG_1046 2

Yep, this appears to be an issue. Let me get this over to the right people! Staff or a mod will see this and hopefully bring it to the right people. 😊

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No need. Support will make their way here. The topic exists for a reason. :)


Thanks Alex for report. I’ll get this information passed along and in the appropriate place to get this addressed.


Cheers Matt


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