Issue with ATC View Mid-Flight

On a middle of a flight, I switched the camera to atc and it showed a black screen. There were no nearby airports so it did that but the app crashed. Anyone helping me fix it?

What device are you on?

A reboot usually helps. Does it happen with every flight or just that one time?

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Sorry I didn’t see you were on the ATC view. This usually happens when it doesn’t connect to the closest airport for whatever reason. It is a known issue. For now you can try to avoid the ATC view depending on where you are at.

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It only happened once

This has happened to a lot of people Reece, you need to avoid the ATC view as advised yesterday.

I was on a flight from JFK to GLC and I flicked through the cameras, got to ATC view and it crashed. I was 30 minutes out ☹️

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