Issue with ATC Communication buttons

Hello. I’m not sure if this should be in the ATC category or not, but I didn’t think it had that much to do with the actual air traffic controllers themselves. When I was flying in India today, as I entered Chennai Approach airspace, the controller asked for my approach request. I wasn’t really thinking, and gave them my request for decent on the RAAGA Arrival. They reiterated that they wanted my actual approach request, and I then realized my mistake, and gave them the approach request. I felt bad for ruining the realism of the session so I was going to go into the misc. menu and say “I’m Sorry” (Frequency was quiet, didn’t think that would clog anything up.) Right before I pressed the misc. button, ATC responded to my approach request. When the red and green buttons to respond popped up, it shifted the whole ATC button arrangement, and I pressed “Request frequency change” instead of miscellaneous. I felt that that ruined things even more than the first mistake, but I think that one could be fixed. If the menu was just tweaked a little bit so the respond buttons wouldn’t mess up the order of everything else, then I think this could save a lot of people and make the online experience at least a little safer from accidents. Just an idea, would love feedback on anything I could have done differently!

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We all make mistakes. That’s what the great thing about saying “correction stand by” is so you can correct your error with what you meant.

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Hey, I have done this countless times it’s an honest mistake. If it makes it better you can always send a quick PM to the controller and tell them what happened but mistakes happen I’m sure it was not a problem.

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I remember this “incident,” lol. I was your controller during that. As @Asher said, simply say “Correction, stand by” or “disregard last message” will do. Don’t worry about it. Mistakes happen all the time!

@Asher @Chicago_Aviator @ToasterStroodie Thank you! I just felt that I put a dent in the realism, but I guess I should just ignore and keep going on with things next time. This can be closed now


Closed per OP request.