Issue with ATC Command Menu

Pulled up the ATC window to announce my inbound and something dont seem right lol

An APP reinstall should do the trick.

Hold your horses.

@anon8635826 - did this happen every time you pulled it up?


Yes and its still happening right now but im still in the same flight. It does at least work and issue the commands that I select


Looking at it closer it looks like you got the directory for all the METAR files pulled up… which airport are you tuned into? Minneapolis?

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I was tuned into KLAX for landing

Is it happening regardless of what airport you tune into?

It only appears when I tune into KLAX. Tried KHHR, KSMO and KTOA and it doesnt come up

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Which server are you at?

I am on the expert server


I’m not getting it… but we’ll check the logs and see what’s going on. It will probably be gone for you at the next time the METAR cycles at KLAX.

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Thanks for checking.