Issue with ATC - Approach non-existant

Hey guys.

Currently having issues landing into GMMN. Whenever I tune into the approach I don’t get the option to request approach for GMMN, it only gives me an option for GMMB.

Currently holding above the sea until I figure the issue out. Can someone help me?

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Is your destination listing as GMMN? Meaning is this your final waypoint?

Yes, that is correct. I’ve sent @Guxk a PM about my issue. When I tune into GMMN approach it only gives me the option to request approach into GMMB. I’ve tried tuning in from the map and manually via the ATC section.

Ok. Can you send me a screenshot?

Just confirming you’d like an approach to GMMN? I’ll notify the controller and they can give it to you.

You’re JAT001, the TAP A320. Yes?


I’ve tried turning on Airplane mode for a short period time and it seemed to fix the issue. Thanks for your help @Will_A.

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Ok, I’m glad it worked out.

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