Issue with APPR mode

Hi everyone

This issue has happened to me a few times. I was in approach to Auckland Intl. and I selected my NAV1 to be runway 5R and changed the source to NAV1 and activated APPR mode on the A350-900 when I was on the glide slope and the localiser.

I always end up too high as the mode does not descend as much as it should which ends up affecting my landing and I’m not sure why this happens.

It would be great if this issue can be solved.

Thanks everyone

Are you making sure you’re below the localiser when you intercept it?

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What was your Vertical speed set as?

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And also more information about your approach e.g:

  • Height of intercepting

  • Speed of intercept

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@anthonyb try this tutorial to help you in the future and hopefully solve your issue

Hope it helps.

Happy flying

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Height of intercept was 3500ft

Airspeed was 210kts

Sweet that seems normal I and your setting of the VS was?

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That doesn’t sound normal. Auckland is quite low above sea level meaning your probably above the glideslope when you intercept it.

VS was around -500ft when intercepted

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Thanks for that, but I did follow the steps correctly I believe.

Firstly I selected runway 5R on the ILS as NAV1

Changed source to to NAV1 and checked radial heading

Activated APPR mode when on the localiser and glide slope

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I thought you have to have an airspeed of MAX 200kts otherwise, you can’t activate it?

It seems, you are setting your VS, but you’re not actually activating the APPR if you are going 210kts. Try again, but a bit slower.

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Ok I will give this a go in solo mode.


I tried going below 200kts and the landing was perfect.

So I’m guessing it only works when you are below 200kts.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Yes you are right about that. The glideslope is always a little bit too high. If you disconnect the AP about 1000ft AGL, you can descend a little bit faster until you are with the glideslope again. :)

Yes, it only works if you are going slower than 200kts. If you are going faster than 200kts, a warning will be shown.

Slow down to 180knts IAS or below, 210knts IAS is way too fast.

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You mean to say glide slope. not localizer.


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