Issue with app download on iOS

Hello IFC,

I have been having an issue when downloading Infinite Flight, along with a whole lot of other issues with shared apps. When I click on the download icon, it starts,image
Then downloads to 3/4 of the way done, then the circle disappears from the app and it just sits like this

I tap on it a couple of times, it’s not paused downloading or anything, I don’t know what’s going on. Let me know if this is a duplicate thread or if I should contact apple support instead.

Thanks, Jack Q

How much storage do you have left on your device?

I have 10.3 GB

Hmm, interesting. Do you have any type of app restrictions? (Parental Controls, App Time Limit, etc)

I only have content restrictions, no app age limits or screen time limits.

Is your WiFi connection stable?

Check it for me at:

He has full bars from what I am seeing in the screenshot

Hmm… My wifi connection seems fine I don’t think it’s the issue.

Try signing out from your Apple ID, and signing back in. That seems to be the main solution from the articles I am reading.

Alright I will try that

I want to make sure that’s absolutely necessary because it deletes a whole lot of stuff off my phone that I still need.

Hmm, then try not to do that.

What IOS version are you currently running?

Alright there is a new update available I will try that

I will be back in ten or so minutes


From what I have read off Apple Support, they said interrupting the download could corrupt the download so maybe try it again and leave it for about 10 minutes.

That is signal, not speed.

Yes please, updates fix the previous bugs and sometimes help payment issues (an update helped me)

Alright so great it worked! But I’m not quite sure it won’t happen again. I will message back here if it does. Thankyou all

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