Issue with airport scenery loading at KSLC

On final approach into KSLC (Salt Lake City) I encountered an issue with the airport not loading and instead having to rely on the low quality satellite imagery to locate the airport (I was doing an ILS approach so I felt comfortable continuing with out PAPI lights.) As I neared the runway I got more concerned, so I tried clearing the scenery cache on final approach to see if it would help. I ended up landing on satellite terrain and ending my flight on the taxiway as there was no chance I could taxi to the gate without taxi lines or terminal buildings (although I could see other aircraft still.) Earlier on in my flight as I was travelling parallel to 34L (arrival route visible in image 1) the airport did load in fully. Any help would be appreciated

iPad Air 2 (2019)
Infinite flight version 22.7.1 (Not newest version)
IOS 15.3.1

Known issue. In the meantime, try not to fly downwind or base when flying in, as well as not transitioning above the airport.

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How exactly will not flying the downwind or base help?

I’m not sure. Maybe ask Seb himself? 😉

Also, the post above says the issue was fixed for 22.7. I talked to him, and it’s unfortunately not.

Got it, avoid entering downwind or transitioning the airport and just nosedive into it at a 45 degree angle, neither base or downwind :)


….or just fly straight in, lol. Instead of entering a pattern.

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It happens because the scenery isn’t loaded well (you cannot do anything in that moment). Nothing to worry about, if there’s no traffic around you can land on the runway safely if you don’t want to miss your flight or just divert to somewhere nearby. When you start your next flight, you will see the scenery.

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