Issue with a IFATC controller

Hi today I was doing a flight from Tampa to ATL. You may know that Tampa had active ATC. In this video I was clueless and had know idea what to do, so please (outside of the horrible run off the runway) tell me what to change or do different next time.
(- YouTube)

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Who was the controller? I can’t tell from the video. Once you find out, send their name here, and we can help you locate them so you can discuss what happened.

It is not our place to infer what was going on with the rest of the airspace or what was going through the controller’s head, only they can.


Considering you can’t even abide by simple hold short procedures, (a runway incursion), maybe you shouldn’t even be on the expert server at all…


There is no need for that aggressive comment… The first answer is correct and should be the only one here. Furthermore holding short 2cm over the line isn’t something we consider a problem. Tons of people do that and unless it’s clear they’re on the RW we leave them…


Aggressive? There’s a reason it’s called expert server and not the training server.


Let’s focus on the situation at hand, there’s bigger things to worry about than someone being halfway over a hold short.

@United2 it’s best if you can find out who the controller was and talk to them. They’re going to be able to give you the best idea of what happened.

Overall, it looks like you were cleared for takeoff, but because there was traffic above you that was going around tower cancelled your clearance so you wouldn’t climb into them. You did the right thing by exiting the runway (as you probably didn’t have enough space ahead of you to take off) and taxiing back for departure.


I had to go around and join approach twice at MMMX because both the approach and tower ATC guys lagged out big time tonight!

The Approach ATC just went silent half way guiding aircraft into the airport. The Tower guy didn’t respond to my “inbound on ILS” message even I was literally right there on short final RWY23R, so i had to take a missed approach since I ain’t got no clearance. Soon as I called missed approach the tower came back and instructed me to go around and contact departure instead of approach. Wasted almost an hour spinning around the FIR before I finally got tower’s clearance to land RWY23L.

Please be reminded that if you want to be a genuinely qualified IFATC, you’re by default able to take heavy traffic and efficiently instruct aircraft to where they needed to be based on their current parameters instead of ditching the job half way. Also, trolling is never an acceptable behavior in expert server!!


Idk why you have the title as “Bad IFATC controller” when it’s not the controller. You’re literally asking us for help. But have a ridiculous title…


Ok thank you.

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Again, you’re asking us for help. Nothing to do with a controller.

And when you’re takeoff clearance is canceled, you exit the runway. and sit at the hold short line. Probably contact ground, request taxi to the runway and do it all over again. And if there’s a plane on a 3 NM final and you’re cleared for takeoff, if you have a slow taxi, he’ll be going around. So wait and make sure it’s clear, as IFATC are human and make mistakes.

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Literally all it was is that he was cleared for takeoff and another guy was probably going a bit fast on final and he had to make a go around therefore blocking the takeoff and causing him to have his takeoff canceled. Smart move by atc in my opinion


Ok thanks for that. Also I should have been more descriptive in the topic

Ok thanks should have looked over the replay in more detail thanks for the help