Issue with 3D Mcmurdo


I’ve just landed at McMurdo and received a Level One violation for taxiway speeding, however I was landing on runway 11 at McMurdo when I was given the violation warning,

I was landing in an A339 but I doubt that should have anything to do with the issue as the airport was able to deal with an A339

A second issue with McMurdo is the fact that the runway is not in line with the Airport Code NZIR, in fact there is anywhere between 1nm and 4nm between the two as seen in the image below

Any help would be greatly appreciated

This is the reason behind the taxi overspeed violation. The airport editors are aware of this issue and it will be fixed as soon as possible.,…

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Cheers for that!

Hey Elliott, are you running on 22.8? The editor made the appropriate changes before yesterday’s update.

On my side, everything is correct now with 22.8

Yeah I have been flying all day so I don’t have 22.8 installed, will be getting it installed tonight

We can take care of this violation since this was a technical issue out of your control. Please share your replay file with @appeals should you wish to have it removed.

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Will do! I’ll send it over when I land in Cristchurch!

Then that’s the issue. As @ZuhairM said the only thing you can do is get your violation removed!

Have fun downloading 22.8 !

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Cheers! Have finally got it downloaded, issues sorted, thanks for the help!

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