Issue while landing


Hey can someone help me with landing an aircraft on ils…i saw Marks video tutorials and did the exact same but are not correct. Can someone provide me instructions step by step on how to land properly.

Also how do you align to the center line of the runway while manually landing the plane yourself…?

Thank you!


Hello, not sure if you have seen this one but it should help a lot.


It’s all about practice, set it to solo with no winds, and do it again, and again, and then keep doing it again, toutorials will only get you so far with this, watching the toutorial is a great start, now just keep practicing those skills!


True…i should probably fly more on solo


I saw this tutorial…but still cant get it perfect…i dont know what the problem is…i guess i’ll watch it again


Be at 3000ft or so and semi lined up with the cone you see on the map for the desired runway then use the localiser and glide scope to follow it. Make sure you have landing aids on aswell to help you, as KPIT said do it on solo so you can control the winds. Strong winds won’t help you with the basics, it will only make it harder.


The problem is that this isn’t a skill like changing a tire or something, if you know the steps you can do it, knowing what to do is only half of this, getting a feel for it, and knowing exactly how to tilt you’re device when is something that isn’t easily thought…


I would also recommend looking into flaring, once you can get you’re approach to the runway good, this will make the difference between hitting the runway, and having a smooth landing…


Yea…i should practise on solo…i do always approach at 3000 ft


Sure i’ll read through…thank you!


The peoblem is that on ils landing the airplane dosent align itself to the center line and it does not flare…it might flare for a second…that it


Are you talking about APPR?


Appr 😂 sorry for saying ils


Take a look at this tutorial then. Note that not all aircraft have it.


APPR isn’t going to give you you’re best landings, it’s really just made to get the aircraft safely to the runway in tricky weather, not grease it…


He’s right. The best landings are made on manual, just control the engines, hold it steady, and flair the nose for some BUTTER


I learnt this the hard way when i was always using the APPR on planes such as the dreamliner or the Boeing 777.


Before you take off and are lined up, remember the spot on your cockpit dashboard that marks the centerline. Use it when you land.


will do…


I just want to emphasize what #chatta290 said above: “Be at 3000ft or so and semi-lined up with the cone you see on the map for the desired runway, then use the localizer and glide scope to follow it. Make sure you have landing aids on as well to help you…”

I fly the Cessna Citation X, which doesn’t have APPR, and use the exact same technique he suggests. I am able to nail the landing every time. Use the HDG and VS controls to stay on the localizer and glide slope. Have Landing Aid turned on in Settings so that IF will display the red landing cone starting at about 3nm out. When I cross the threshold, I reduce VS to about -400 for a soft landing, but this may vary with different planes. Of course, use the rudder at touchdown to correct for any windy condition. Others will have different landing techniques that work well for them, but this works well for me.

Hope this helps.