Issue while flying - Plane tilted up


When a fly with Boeing 777, it look like the plane is a bit tilted up;


I don’t really have ideas of what can be the source of this problem, do you?

PS : I have another question, two other questions, not about that but about ATC :

  1. What to answer when the controller tell us “Say Intentions”?
  2. What is the “Best Forward Speed” ?

Thank’s in advance,
Captain M.

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Do you have autopilot on? Because having ALT set on a low speeds can cause the nose to rise to maintain ALT.

To fix this just increase the speed a little until it levels off and then you can set the Speed

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Yeah, autopilot on, but I can’t increase the speed since I am under 10 000ft, no?

Awesome, thanks for your answers! :)

Plane tilted/pitched up? Here is why:

Based on the picture you provided, I can assume you had autopilot ON, your Indicated Air Speed (IAS) was 200knts and your Vertical Speed (VS) was set to 0ft/m. However, the picture didn’t provide neither the Flap setting, nor the weight, nor the autside temperature you were at. But, based on my experience, for the plane to level off at that speed you should have had your flaps set to 20 if flying Light, set to 25 if flying Normal and set to 30 if flying Heavy. Im pretty sure your flap settings were lower than that based on your weight. Cheers from Miami!

As an extra information, here is a List of the exact IAS for the plane to be leveled with the Path Indicator (the little circle that tells you where the plane is heading to).
Please note this is a Reference List only, it is not something you have to follow, but to use it in order to improve your knowledge.

Here it is:

(Light Weight)
Flap 30 = 170
Flap 25 = 183
Flap 20 = 200
Flap 15 = 218
Flap 5 = 285
Flap 1 = 335
Flap 0 = 345

(Normal weight)
Flap 30 = 187
Flap 25 = 202
Flap 20 = 215
Flap 15 = 235
Flap 5 = 310
Flap 1 = 370
Flap 0 = 390

(Heavy weight)
Flap 30 = 202
Flap 25 = 218
Flap 20 = 235
Flap 15 = 260
Flap 5 = 335
Flap 1 = 395
Flap 0 = 410

Then try reducing the weight, and you can go up to 250KTs below 10k. :smile: