Issue when you edit post on mobile here

Hello guys i have investigate that the community CSS have a little problem.

When i do edit a post on mobile i can’t see what i write, online one line.

Example under

  1. Create a new topic
  2. Edit the first post

Device info : iOS Safari

When i press edit :

@codinghorror said that is maybe a button size issue. I am not sure.

Here i dont have the problem :

This has probably been reported on meta already. Did you check there?

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I reported it :)

But looks like the bug is fixed
Because now every seems like they are working fine but i am not 100% sure…

I dont have longer issues atm

Issue seems to happen only on the first post

Issue is also on Discourse meta. Not a Philippe’s error :)

Do you guys are experiencing the same issue ?

If it’s on meta report on meta.