Issue when going from replay to flying online

So I just loaded out of a replay i was viewing and straight after that i wanted to spawn in and fly and when i clicked on the airport i wanted to fly from (OTHH) it showed i was still at the airport that was viewed in the replay (EGPH).

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have you tried spawning in and checking?

well it’d automatically show it was EGPH if i let myself spawn in as i’d have to click ‘OK’, but yes, it just shows EGPH

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so if you spawn in your spawning at EGPH correct?

If so try re-starting IF and checking?

yeah that’s what it does

restarting the app just changed the airport straight to EGPH

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ok now try to switch to OTHH and spawn?

yeah that works, but i’m just stating that you can’t go directly from your replay to flying online at your initially selected airport

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ah yea i think the staff might look in to that in the future

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@Jxshua, do you have the setting “Automatically Set Start Airport” on? If the last flight that you did ended at EGPH and you had this setting on, then your map would be placed where you ended.

No I dont, so basically to break it all down (what actually happened in the process)

I had just loaded in to infinite flight, my presets shown on the Fly Online section were 777-300ER and OTHH and then i remembered i was going to look at a replay, so I went to replay and opened the replay I was going to look at, that replay took place at EGPH, I had now finished looking at the replay and I exited it. I then went back over to Fly Online and clicked on the airport button (where it said OTHH) and when I clicked on it, it started zooming into EGPH while still saying OTHH on the actual homepage, and when i clicked Fly, it just spawned me in at EGPH, not OTHH where it was supposed to.

Thats the issue i’m having. :)

Good catch! Reproduced the issue on my end

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Also able to reproduce.


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