Issue @ TNCM Approach?

I was flying on approach at TNCM on the expert server and @GHamsz was doing a great job, but then I accidentally clicked the back button on the ATC window. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue and I would just select the Approach frequency again, but it had disappeared. The black ATC box was completely blank, and both IF and LiveFlight show TNCM Approach as offline, but the controller was still giving commands! He kept giving me vectors, but due to this issue I was unable to acknowledge his commands. I ended up quitting to avoid being ghosted. Callsign jetBlue 4 9 0.


Same, I have same problem but I’m waiting and not getting offline yet

I have actually had this happen to except is was when @Narroc_Wim was controlling I. Pg practicing with me and it showed he left but he was online the enter time giving me instructions but I couldn’t select his frequency I only saw Unicom defiantly weird


We have been experiencing an issue and IFATC members are aware of it. As long as you comply, you will be fine.

comply meaning?

Follow instructions.

I lost everyone for a few seconds, but got my screen back and continued providing vectors. Then I realized nobody was replying! I could tell they were hearing me because everyone was responding to vectors. Then some new aircraft entered the picture, and I couldn’t do anything with them so I had to exit. It was a fun session! Everyone was great! Sorry it had to end.


I dosen’t matter, I already quit, I wasn’t going to take the risk of trying to continue inbound with no ATC option


Thank you. I too saw this sort of. I saw that the tower was giving out vectors like approach but I never exited out of the ATC window. I just kept flying like normal. I’m glad I. Didn’t get ghosted, I knew something was up but I didn’t think it was that big. 😬

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Thank you @GHamsz for controlling. Splendid job tonight! You are relieved of your shift with honorable mention :)

Thanks! It was a kick, pilots were great! Bugged me that I had to quit with a nice line formed up.

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