Issue switching Approach to Tower

Hey all,

Had an issue at Zurich just before. Flown VFR around the mountain area with VFR approval from Approach. Eventually turned back to land at Zurich. I noticed that on final switching from Approach to Tower that my messages were not recieved.

I kept getting an On Guard warning but had notifies that I was on final…

So to the controller… Sorry!

Anyone got any ideas what causes it??


What time did this happen today? No matter what time it was, just PM the controller.

If this was on the expert server:

  • Ensure you have a strong, stable connection
  • Try not to leave the app as it disrupts the connection

Hello, I was the approach controller at the time. You had no issues on my part. The tower controller that you’re look for is @TwinsRock88

I get that a lot and you just have to go and tune out of the current frequency then click on the frequency you want and it should work.

I was tuned to tower and still could hear all your relays. Even tried tuning to Unicoms…