Issue Selecting Frequencies

After I had been Tower and Ground at EHAM earlier in the day, I wanted to start another session.
Ground was aleady taken by someone else so I wanted to be Tower.

Somehow I couldn’t deselect ground. I could select and deselect all others, but not Ground. The UI just didn’t let me.

I had to start controlling at another airport first to be able to only select EHAM Tower.

Does anyone know why this is happening and what to do about it?

That’s because you were controlling ground originally to get back to ground go out of ATC mode then go to solo then go back to ATC then go to EHAM Ground

I had been controlling earlier.
At that moment someone else was Ground.

Oh then you can’t have two people on one frequency

When I started controlling somewhere else first, the issue was gone.

Hey @Jan,

A workaround for this I discovered when experiencing this issue, would be to back out of the ATC section of the app, go into “fly online” (no need to start a flight), then go back to the ATC section and select what you want to control.

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Ah, thanks!

So it’s a known issue?

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I am not sure if it is a known issue (I would hope that it is), but this solution is what I discovered when I had this issue.

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Just read the first post.

Great thanks!

Hopefully a solution is being worked on.

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I’ve had this a lot there are a lot of ways to solve this.

Choose another airport and it will disconnect from that airport
Go out of the atc option on the homepage.
Restart the app

Many people have this issue nothing to be worried about.
Happy flying!!!

It’s still a issue that requires solving.
The fact that many people encounter it makes it worse instaed of better. 😉

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That’s is understandable and it is a problem but it’s an issue that can be solveable but it’s not as big as some other problems like falling through the ground when landing.
Happy flying!

It seems you are missing the point.

A workaround is not a solution.
The issue still has to be fixed.

Urgency is beside the point as well.

Thanks for your contribution though.

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@Jan - this is one of those thing that’s been hanging around since Flintstones ruled the world.

Are you able to provide the exact repro steps for this and i’ll have it looked into :)

It doesn’t always happen.
Haven’t figured out the exact circumstances yet.

I’ll see if we can figure it out some steps in the mean time. Let me know if you figure something out, you know where to find me :)

Closing the topic as no more replies are necessary