Issue seeing Fog

I searched for any similar topics on the matter to no avail, before the mini-mods come in. So, I was approaching New Chitose Airport today with 0SM visibility, and I had a clear sky! This happened yesterday at ZSPD. I just want to know what to do or if this is a known issue.
Thanks so much

Was there a red triangle in the top right corner of your screen?

No, all on green including weather

It takes a while for the fog to load in for some reason. The same happens to me.

I land, and then once I am on the ground the fog comes in.

Interesting. Consider restarting your device. It should fix it

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This is a known issue, it will be addressed in the near future.

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Yeah, I have an iPad Pro, which is in theory the most optimized device for IF, and still.

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On solo it works right?

Oh, it was adrssed before 20.1, seems like every issue is being resolved “in the near future”. Anyways thanks for the notice

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