Issue reverting back to 20.1

Hi everyone👋

**I am not sure whether this belongs in the Support or Open Beta category, so if this is the wrong category, my apologies 👍

I’m trying to uninstall the beta version of IF from my device but it appears to be stuck, and I can’t revert back to the Public version. Can anyone with an idea of what I can do please help me?

A bit of background info, I had already uninstalled 20.2 and removed myself from the beta program, and have actually been flying yesterday on 20.1 no problems. Today however I woke up to the 20.2 version again so uninstalled the game to revert back. That was over 9 hours ago, and been unable to get the public game back.

Any help please would be greatly appreciated!

Done all that yesterday and had been flying again on 20.1 yesterday. However overnight it’s gone back to 20.2 even though I’m not part of the beta program anymore

Is that the only option when you search for “Infinite Flight” on the Play Store?

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Yeah, go to the apps page, and then no install button

Is there any option to opt out of the beta again?

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You can’t unless you opt-out. That’s how Play Store works.

No nothing

Could you try opting out through this link?


I’ve done that, and just pressed the leave program option, it says it might take a few hours. Seems odd as I pressed the leave beta program on the store page for IF. 🤷‍♂️ I’ll have to wait a few hours see to if that’s worked or not

*update that worked, thanks for your help! Greatly appreciated 👍

Yup! Wait for a few hours, and you should see it.

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That’s great to hear! Happy to help :)