Issue purchasing new 787 aircraft

So many topics to close due to “787 purchase not working” titles.


Well I didn’t purchased the plane since I was awarded about the issue and it doesn’t show the price.

It was the same with the 777LR for Android. It was fixed fast though.

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I noticed that too although I was connected to the internet…

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Were sitting pretty

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So anybody else notice that the 787-10 is transparent?

It works for me now, idk about other iOS users. Thanks for fixing it FDS!

This is happening to me with the 777 too!

I was just able to purchase the 787-8 but not the 787-9 or the 787-10

I just bought all 3 787’s and I’m on iOS :)

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We made a change to where the in app helpers like the airport information is no longer obstructed by the aircraft. You can turn those helpers on and off in settings.


This also occurs with the 777-200LR.

Thanks tyler!

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Thumbs up from Laura! She says it’s fixed.


What do you mean by restart

What do you mean “restart”?

Close the app and open it again

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It’s like that with all the 787’s