Issue on the 777 series

Hi guys. I am experiencing an issue with the 777 models in infinite flight (excluding the freighter). So, whenever the aircraft climbs an altitude of more than fl260 (when it is on auto pilot), the throttle
automatically increases and goes up to 100%. Even when I slow down , the throttle automatically sets to 100% again. Hope some of you guys might be experiencing this. (Please note that this occurs when the plane contains above 50k kg of fuel).

Hi there!

Did you step-climb to the initial cruise altitude? What is your exact % of weight?

  • Step climbing is sometimes needed due to the issues with the B777 in general. But nothing to worry about, the B777 rework is currently underway, so stay tuned for that!

Make sure to check this post made by DeerCrusher for info regarding step-climbs.

Blue skies!

@FrequentFlyer386 Yep, most of the issues with the 777 are known. It’s going to get its rework soon. Sorry you experience these issues.

No issues with the 772 though. Not in the same way like the 77W :)


Hi @BravoCharlie, I have already read all of this before posting my issue. It doesn’t work on the 777. I m just gonna wait for the reworked 777 models to come out . Thanks a lot though !!

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