Issue on certain angles of the 777-300 er

Callsign: New Zealand 28 Heavy

Account Linked to IFC

Version: 20.2 (465)

Device: IPhone 7 Plus IOS 13.7

Issue 1.

During the flight I was operating a normal camera I previously hadn’t noticed the issue as it was night but because the sun came up I noticed some black triangles on the aircraft as I was Flying

Steps to reproduce

Launch IF

On 777-300ER position normal camera angling so that it’s a sort of bird’s eye view.

Describe the expected result

Triangles to appear

Actual results

Triangles Appeared


Zooming in and zooming out reveal the triangles I only noticed this in Normal camera and couldn’t see it in Follow me camera.


Also after completing a 14 hrs long haul from KIAH-NZAA I ended the flight as doing so I pressed ok on my grade table and the game crashed I’m not sure if this is related to the Update but I will keep informed on how it turns out