Issue linking subscribed account

Hello everyone. I’ve encountered a small but not so small problem. Just an hour ago,I purchased the subscription (after my previous subscription expired a fortnight ago). But the silly mistake I made is I purchased the subscription in default account without logging into my Infinite Flight account (which is grade 2).

Now the problem is as soon as I realised this, I logged into community account but now (1) I’m unable to convert the subscription from default account to community forum account.(2) I even tried to purchase subscription once again from my infinite flight account but now it shows that my community forum account is already subscribed?

I’m attaching images here. Can somone help?

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Hey, @Kushal_Trivedi! I think that you have to unlink the account, revert to default, and then you’ll be able to link the account with your subscription that is on to IFC.

Remember that you can always contact

Handled via e-mail.
Thanks @RafaelPadilla for referring the user correctly.