Issue in exporting replays


I have an issue: when I export the replay videos they show as files in google drive (even when I export them in places like text). Google drive and Apple iMovie says these files aren’t supported. Why aren’t the files exporting correctly?

The replays do of course show up as files in Google Drive, but iMovie? I don’t think Infinite Flight Replay Files support iMovie as I have never seen anyone using them for file storage. Check if exporting them in either Google Drive or else iCloud would work.

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The files said they are not supported in drive. So I sent the file as a text to my computer, where I downloaded it to my desktop before trying to open it in iMovie. I also tried saving it to iCloud and sending it as an email but for some reason it puts the google file in iCloud which doesn’t work their either

I think you will have to screen record parts of the replay in order to view it in iMovie.

Can I export and see the whole replay anywhere, because it doesn’t seem to work anywhere.

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You may only view the full replay in Infinite Flight, while storing it elsewhere, (Google Drive, iCloud, NOT iMovie).

IF ain’t able to export videos. Only photos.
Maybe one day!

Then why does IF give the option to export videos on the game?

Exporting videos means saving and storing the Replay, or to share it to someone.

How about if I want to share it to my computer, can’t I play the replay from there?

Ooooh, I get it now. Infinite Flight is a Mobile Simulator, therefore you cannot run it in a computer (unless you are using blue stacks).

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They don’t.

They give you the option to export a native data file. It is not a video, any more than a record is an mP3.


I meant if I could play the file on a computer in a video format.

I got it now. I am sorry for the trouble, the topic can be closed now!

Where is this option?