Issue for install Airbus A380

Hello, I has been trying to install the Airbus A380 to test it in this new update, but when I start the flight, the screen keeps downloading and after several minutes it crash.

Device: Blu G53
Operating System: Android 13

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the server is having heart palpitations with all the traffic, try again later or tomorrow and it will likely be fine

Perfect, thank you so much!

Hi @LeoHA , welcome to the community

Having a quick look at your device, I can see that it’s not an especially powerful device.

Have you tried reducing your graphics settings and aircraft count?

And does this issue occur on both solo and live servers?

Also, are you on a cellular network or WiFi?


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The graphics are at their maximum and they have never affected my performance.
And yes, it occur in solo and live servers.
I’m with WiFi.

I just went to solo and had fun with it. No point going on the servers today especially when one of the biggest updates to ever come across IF just arrived. Try going on the servers when it’s died down. Solo isn’t too bad you get to do what you want with less or no lag

Can you make sure that the app is up to date in the play store?

There is an issue on the 24.2 release for Android that is causing the app to crash when your engines are set to be off

The hotfix was released a few hours ago:

I will try it, thank you so much for the support!

If you could let me know if it works so I can mark the topic as solved and close it that would be great.

Hope it fixes your issue!

Hello, finally the issue was fixed, I think that was a server problem because I check and was the app up to date on Play Store.

Thank you very much to all.

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