Issue connecting to expert server as ATC.

I’m having issues connecting to the ATC expert server. It lets me open both tower and ground frequencies but after loading has completed I can only see from the tower view. I can’t see the “map down” view nor hear or give ATC commands to any aircraft. I’ve restarted the app several times, as well as uninstalled and re installed the app.

Are you a certified IFATC? If not then you are denied access to the expert server as an Air Traffic Controller. You must pass a theoretical and practical test to become certified. If you are certified then it may be a glitch with a server.

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Don’t recognize your username, if you are an IFATC, this is a bug I stumble upon quite a lot… It has something to do with the server needing to refresh before allowing a controller back on. However, a simple restart always does the trick… Are you an IFATC? That would answer a lot, but not why you can log onto a frequency though…

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I am an IFATC Specialist, but they reset the server and fixed it. Thank you for your response!

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