Issue at KJFK @ 1000Z - 1030Z on 28SEP21 (Expert)

Whichever pilots were at KJFK on this time and date and were not getting ATC responses from me, I do want to sincerely apologize for whatever happened.

My radar screen kept glitching; all of you kept disappearing every 5 seconds, I had to manually tap back each and every aircraft on the ground, I was getting transmissions from aircraft which weren’t even on my screen, and I wasn’t able to give the correct responses those aircraft.

Once again, I’m super sorry.

If any IFATC local controller ever had this problem, has it happened at other airports as well?


Used to happen to me alot while controlling busy airports or airspaces, the whole communication just stops the pilots can hear what we as ATC are saying but the pilot’s requests doesn’t come through, generally i wait for 3-4 mins and the communication comes back, but in busy places this can be a pain as you cant receive any request for some time. Although this has reduced and I haven’t seen the issue in quite some time now.

Yep, its a real pain. Causes me to have to close the game and then reopen it.

Yes! It happens .pilots may DM controllers about these issues but they should know it’s not controller fault! this is very annoying in busy airports, you loose everyone and it makes confusion!

this kind of debacle happened to me a few years back, not as the controller, rather as the pilot.

I was sitting there for a few minutes until i got a message over our VA comms that I was clear for takeoff

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