Issue at KFAY airport

As soon as you spawn in to KFAY (Fayetteville Regional Airport, North Carolina) you phase right thru the ground. I even tried to fly into the airport and as soon as I landed, I did not land, instead I phased thru the runway. Can you guys fix this issue? I do not have any photos or videos at the moment, but check it out for yourselves.

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Have you tried clearing the scenery cache from the settings and restarting your app?

If you haven’t, try this and let us know if it works.


The IFAE team will check this out for sure, meanwhile I will test this out.

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I cannot confirm what you are saying, it is on your end. I am able to spawn in and taxi around with no issue.

Believe it or not, IFAET has had no control on what is solid and what isn’t.


I just flew a pattern at KFAY, and I landed, taxied and spawned into the airport without glitching into the ground. I can confirm that KFAY is a solid airport.

this is definitely what you should do.

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Really? Anyways this is on his end, I have tested and it works perfectly fine for me.

Let’s let the user respond and try out the solution that was provided above of clearing out their scenery cache and restarting the app.

For future reference regarding issues involving sinking into the ground, falling through the ground or anything of this nature, clearing the scenery cache is always the first solution you should recommend.

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I can confirm, after clearing scenery cache it worked! Sorry about all the confusion!

It works, Thank you!