Issue at Hartsfield today

Hey all! This my first post here so hello and thank you for reading! I had a mildly unpleasant experience on my flight into Atlanta this afternoon on the training server and I just wanted to list the things that happened and see if there is something I did wrong and just open a discussion for the things I experienced. I’ll try to keep it as short as possible. Call sign MA544 Myair CRJ-1000. I built a flight plan from Key West to Atlanta, a VOR about 20 miles south of my destination was my initial descent fix and I had built my plan to wrap around the airport and make right traffic for RWY 28. Before I reached my first VOR I was told I was in an active airspace but I was still a good bit off of the blue circles. I contacted the tower and was told to immediately enter a left base for 28, which is fine I guess, but it isn’t what I intended to do. So I listened and entered the base and final. 2 mile final and there’s a plane taking off on 28 so I announce go around. This was annoying because I was the only arrival and this aircraft departing was maybe one of three at the airport. All other runways were available. I’m climbing runway heading and tower instructs me to make left traffic for 28, furthermore the tower clears me to land on 28. Instantly an approach controller joins the session and barks that I’m active airspace and to contact him. So I do. He puts me on a downwind way all the way to the end of the localizer and completely disregards that I requested a visual approach and tells me to maintain 2000ft until on the localizer, which I do. Took me a frantic minute to set auto pilot, tune the ILS etc. Then about 2 mile final all controllers leave and none of it mattered at all.

Recap: am I required to contact ATC while outside of the blue airspace circles?
If Tower doesn’t instruct me to contact approach on a go around, am I required to? Especially after I was given clearance to land by tower and the approach controller just showed up out of nowhere.
Can controllers be a little more mindful of scheduled flight plans instead of just immediately issuing vectors once I’ve made contact?
If a controller tells me to go ILS after I’ve requested visual, do I have to listen to them and input ILS frequencies when I know exactly where I am and don’t the help of ILS?

Thank you all for reading, if these questions are answered somewhere else on the forum I apologize for the redundancy. Cheers!

Contact tower 25 NM outside of your destination.

If they don’t tell you to then remain on their freq.

Approach controllers on ES have a plan and want to flow traffic in the most efficient manner. Deviation of your flight plan may be required.

If they tell you to do an ILS approach listen to them. :)

Conclusion is that TS controllers aren’t as experienced and know how to properly use the ATC functions. If you want realistic ATC go to expert server or work up to it. :)



To preface this, controllers on training server are not by any means qualified nor have they received proper training before opening.

All of these answers are for the expert server. IFATC (Expert server ATC) are tested and monitored to be given their position as a controller.

You are required to contact tower 25nm out and at or below 10,000 feet AAL.

You are required to contact approach between 50-60nm out and under FL180 AAL.

If there isn’t an active approach, climb to pattern altitude and follow pattern instructions from tower, if approach is active, follow the same instructions if they don’t hand you over. If they do hand you over, message approach and let them know you are executing a missed approach.

You should be following all ATC instructions. In this case, you must fly the ILS.


Just bear in mind, that this is the training server. The controllers there are learning so just follow their instructions and you’ll be fine.

Thank you all for answering my questions! All responses were extremely helpful. I am working up to expert now and I’m sure these nuances I’m experiencing will be less once I’ve arrived at expert. I do certainly understand that TS is a place for everyone to learn and I’m by no means upset or angry with the controllers. I just wanted some clarity on these issues so when I do start on the expert server I’m up to speed and know how to operate properly. Again thank you all for the help. Cheers!


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