Issue - Account being used on another device

Device: iPad Air 5th Gen
Operating system: iPadOS 17.2

I’m trying to respawn into KPHL having just landed and despawned there but Infinite Flight is saying my account is being used on another device…when its not. I’ve hard restarted the app and my device several times to no avail.

Previous support topics suggest its the server having problems?
(As an IFATC, reinstalling the app isn’t really an option.)

UPDATE: Adam (mod) just said on Discord he was having this issue as well so can this be looked into - thanks!

I’ve actually just found myself near KPHL on LiveFlight

so the app clearly still thinks I’m flying.

I can repro this issue.

Despite having disconnected from the server approx. 25 minutes ago, I am still able to see myself sitting pretty on the Expert Server using LiveFLight.

Galaxy Tab S7+
Android 13, OneUI 5.1.1

I have the exact same problem. I’ve restarted multiple times. I can spawn into TS but not ES.

I just checked LiveFlight as well. I’m still in the game as well 😂

I am facing this problem too. Restarting app doesnt help.


It’s being looked into!
Sorry for the inconvenience.


It’s working now :)

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Goodie, then my little kick worked :)


it would happen also to me if your pressing the start button fast so you have to wait atleast 10 secnonds and start, if this dosent work close the app and open it back and be patient.