Israir airlines a220-300

In 2019 israir’ president posted a tweet that he is in airbus’s factory in french and he said that the jurney for a new fleet of planes has began and in another picture that he posted we culd see a screen with a picture of an a220-300 with Israir’s logo on the plane , israir will might get their fist a220 in 2023 and i think that this livery can be great thing to add for the upcoming a220 update

And but do you ask?

We can’t see your picture and a check on the internet for Google Information about Israir Airlines do not find the picture for A220 anybody very sorry.

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And again Israir Airlines have no picture for this A220 very late as far as I know it, too.

And yes, I see, too.

I dont know why but my features category topics never get any votes…
There was only one but its still sad