Israir airlines a220-300

In 2019 israir’ president posted a tweet that he is in airbus’s factory in french and he said that the jurney for a new fleet of planes has began and in another picture that he posted we culd see a screen with a picture of an a220-300 with Israir’s logo on the plane , israir will might get their fist a220 in 2023 and i think that this livery can be great thing to add for the upcoming a220 update

Sadly nothing close to an order was confirmed as far as I know.

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And but do you ask?

We can’t see your picture and a check on the internet for Google Information about Israir Airlines do not find the picture for A220 anybody very sorry.

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I would have one ^^

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And again Israir Airlines have no picture for this A220 very late as far as I know it, too.

Yeah, that’s true. The plans for the fleet renewal have existed for quite a while now but due to the pandemic I assume, they haven’t moved forward. The new owner even wanted to make it an A220-only operator. Similar thing as with Air Burkina (who want to firm an A220 order till mid-2022 at latest)


And yes, I see, too.

I dont know why but my features category topics never get any votes…
There was only one but its still sad

Well the problem here is that this is far from being a confirmed order. If it was, there would certainly be more voters. The problem is, that this won’t make it into the sim next update as the airline hasn’t even ordered the plane yet.